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Clients are invited to breathe deeply, relax, surrender and experience the warmth of ReikiSounds by intuitive practitioner Marcie Howard.  In a gentle and supportive environment, Marcie re-balances the life force energy that flows through the body, promoting health and well-being.   Reiki is generally delivered by a system of laying on of hands.  Although all of her senses are heightened and she does deliver Reiki in this traditional manner, Marcie also delivers Reiki with the use of her voice and eyes, making the ReikiSounds experience unique in its delivery and results.

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    • ReikiSounds 90 minute session-LH $65
      Breathe:  Take a deep breath and listen to Marcie's soothing voice; feel the warmth of her hands as the Reiki flows through her.  Relax:  Let go & breathe, let go of the day, the week, the chaos and ... Surrender:  Surrender to the present moment, surrender to Spirit, surrender to opening your heart, to peace, to good health to ... HEAL !!
    • ReikiSounds - Personalized Vibrational Sound Bath -LH $50
      Enjoy your very own private sound-bath and experience your melody reflected back to you using Marcie's deep, vibrational instrumental sounds and chants.  Your melody can be recorded during your session and sent to you for your listening pleasure and healing.
    • ReikiSounds - Reduced rate for 3 sessions in advance -LH $150
      Special ReikiSounds purchase 3 session at a reduced $150 rate - that's a $45 savings.  You can schedule all three sessions now or one-at-a-time.
    • Tarot Card Reading -LH $50
      Tarot is often used not to foresee the future, but to open the present moment to possibilities and understanding.  Are you struggling, not getting the results you'd like from your decisions and choices, Marcie invites you to schedule a Tarot reading to assist you with clarity on your path.
    • Kuan Yin Oracle Card Reading -LH $35
      Kuan Yin Oracle card reading uses the power of the Goddess to assist you in determining your pathway to healing.  Using these cards as a guideline, Marcie delivers the message of the cards to you so that you may follow your heart's desire to joy and happiness.
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